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    ">    Type: <%=RsSearch("propType")%>  Bedroom:  <%=RsSearch("bedroom")%>  
       Location: <%=RsSearch("location")%>   Bathroom: <%=RsSearch("bathroom")%>  
       Country: <%=RsSearch("country")%>   Balcony: <%=RsSearch("balcony")%>  
       Price: <%=RsSearch("price")%>   Area: <%=RsSearch("area")%>  
           Floor No: <%=RsSearch("floorNo")%>  


    Facilities :            
> Swimming Pool > Gymnasium > SPA
> CCTV > Security > Jogging Area
> Maids Room > Laundry Room > Guest Room
> Play area > Park  
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