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r The promotion will end on October 15, 2007 and mails/ references received after this date will not qualify for this special promotion

r Sender = Person who has provided name and contact details of potential property customers

r The sender needs to provide correct details of his/ her name, email, contact numbers to ensure that we are able to contact him for any queries/ concerns/ assistance with the reference names and details provided by the sender

 r The Sender can provide any number of names and contact details of potential property purchasers; there is no limit

r FutureHomes personnel will utilize the name of the sender while speaking with potential purchaser while they are introducing themselves to the potential purchaser

 r The Sender authorizes Future Homes to utilize his/ her name and details while Future Homes personnel are speaking to potential purchasers

r If property is purchased by the reference person which was provided by Sender, the Sender will receive 1% of the value of the property purchased only

 r Sender will not be eligible for any additional money which may arise from fees, commissions etc. if there are any

 r Sender will receive the 1% equivalent only after the commissions have been credited in the accounts of Future homes LLC

r As the norm, the developers settle the Future Homes invoices within the purchaser paying 15% of the property value

 r Hence Sender will receive the 1% amount within 90 to 180 days maximum period subject to the developer paying Future homes LLC within this period.

 rThe sender is eligible for this one percent, only and if the purchaser buys through Future homes LLC

 r Sender will present Future Homes with copy of his/ her passport and residence visa page and/ or other proof of identity to claim the 1% amount

 r Future Homes will contact Sender and inform him/ her as and when the sale has been executed using his/ her reference

r The Sender will not have any additional claims to any monetary funds once the 1% amount has been settled by Future Homes

 r The 1% eligibility will occur only if the sale is executed and/ or purchase

( Reseravations forms are duely signed) is executed before October 15, 2007

r Future Homes reserves the right to extend the closure date of the promotion on their  own decision

r Existing Clients, Employees and family of Future home employees are also eligible to participate in the promotion

r Future Homes will endeavor to send a confirmation email to every Sender to confirm receipt of their emails with references which will state the exact date the reference email was received to ensure that Sender is aware of the eligibility to qualify for the special promotion r



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