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DUBIOTECH Overview:-

The Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park will be the Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology, bridging Research, Education and Industry through national and international collaboration.

Realizing Biotechnology as one of the greatest intellectual Investments of today’s world, DuBiotech’s mission is built on the following objectives:

 >> Create, develop and advance research and development in the region.

 >> Foster biotechnology education, training and industry support.

 >> Offer highly developed multifaceted infrastructure and facilities.

>> Create and provide a supportive legal and regulatory Environment.

 >> Building a knowledge based bioeconomy for the region.

>> Create an environment for every stakeholder in the biotech industry to coexist and collaborate.

>> Encourage innovation through educational grants, research funds etc.


The DuBiotech Cluster: A First-class Business Ecosystem
As a large and dynamic business cluster, DuBiotech will provide a rich environment for networking and collaboration. The DuBiotech community will consist of a mix of key players of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, as well as incubators, drug manufacturers and industry specific business support services and suppliers. This will include discovery, testing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. To link the DuBiotech cluster with the global biotech community, DuBiotech will build affiliations and partnerships with renowned universities, specialised medical institutions, world bodies and mature biotechnology parks and clusters. A central focus of DuBiotech will be research, to be undertaken by both government entities and private companies. To support this R&D hub, DuBiotech has established The Foundation for Research and Innovation. This Foundation will conduct government-funded research and trials in this field and offer shared facilities and equipment. Incubation facilities within the Foundation will help innovative new projects gain their foothold in the market. They will be assisted with a comprehensive administrative support, which will allow them to concentrate on their core value creation.



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